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Table of contents
  1. Auto installation script
    1. 1. Setup Raspberry Pi
    2. 2. Run the installation script
    3. 3. During installation
    4. 4. Next steps
    5. 5. Finish!

Auto installation script

1. Setup Raspberry Pi

First make sure you installed the Raspberry and it’s operating system correctly with the user pi.

2. Run the installation script

Download this script you can download it manual and start it. Use this command:

chmod +x

3. During installation

This installation requires some user inputs. So you will be asked for a password really early. It is required to press enter after every installation part. Your Raspberry Pi also will restart and continue the script after re-login.

Answer the questions like following:

  • Choose your language! Type en for english or de for German: (en/de)
  • What assistant engine are you using? Enter 2 for rhasspy
  • What’s the path to your assistant config file? Type in your path to your profile.json. The default path is this: /home/pi/.config/rhasspy/profiles/de/profile.json
  • What device do you wish to control with SLC? Enter 2 for respeaker4
  • What pattern do you want to use? Choose your preferred Led pattern. For example 1 for google
  • Do you need to install / configure your respeaker4? Enter 2 for no

4. Next steps

All necessary software is now installed on your Raspberry Pi. Now you need to make a few configurations:

Depending on if you chose english or german in the installation script, all skills will be automatically installed in this language.

The skills itself are realized as flows in node-red. Visit node-red application under http://ip_of_raspberry_pi:1880/

After connecting your zigbee devices, you can use them inside the flows. For example, you added a zigbee lamp called “livingroom”. Open http://ip_of_raspberry_pi:1880/, open the flow “Light Control” and double-click on the node “zigbee2mqtt/licht/set”. licht is actually the device name. Change it to livingroom and click deploy in the top right corner of the page. After this your light should turn on or off depending on your command.

5. Finish!

Congratulations! Finished the installation of rhasspy!