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Table of contents
  1. Mozilla TTS
    1. Advantages
    2. Disadvantages
    3. Conclusion

Mozilla TTS

In our project we tested Mozilla Text to Speech TTS as a counterpart to Mozilla DeepSpeech (STT). TTS converts text into speech.


  • Good pronunciation
  • Clear and fluid language
  • A pretrained german model with a male voice is available
  • It’s possible to create an own dataset with an own voice (24h audio files are needed)


  • It’s not fast, it runs really really slow on a Raspberry Pi, e.g. for the weather forecast skill it takes 1 minute and 17 seconds to convert text to speech. For comparison, we installed Mozilla TTS on a Linux desktop PC and tested it with the weather forecast. This took only 10 seconds on average.
  • The most datasets are in english and only one german
  • When you want to train your own dataset it takes a long time
  • It can not read long texts. When the text is too long it starts to stutter and whisper.


Since we use a Raspberry Pi in our project and the TTS needs over a minute to generate an audio output, Mozilla TTS is not usable for our project. However, if higher processing power is available, Mozilla TTS is a good alternative to other TTS systems.