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Welcome To Sherlock - Offline Voice Assistant

Sherlock is a simple to use offline voice assistant, it’s based on the Rhasspy project. It’s an opensource project and is working local offline on your Raspberry Pi. So you don’t need to worry about your privacy, it stays all on your own device. Unlike the Google Assistant or Alexa, they upload all you say to them to their cloud to process it. This is not a good way, when you want to have a good privacy for example for vulnerable person.


How to use

This website is separated in three parts. One part is Installation, a tutorial for installing Sherlock. The second one is the Knowledge section. There you find interesting background information about Rhasspy and the surrounding programs. The third one is Skills which contains the preset skills for Sherlock and how to configure them.

Administration tool

Open a terminal on your Raspberry Pi and enter sherlock-conf -h. You will be able to get some useful tools. See page Administration for more information about this tool.


| Software | Version | Note |———————————————————|——————–|——————————————–| | Rhasspy | 2.5.9 | Intent recognition not working on v2.5.10. See issue 234 | DeepSpeech | 0.9.0 | | Hermes LED Control | 2.0.10 | | Node-RED | 1.3.4 | | Snips-NLU | 0.2.0 | | Mosquitto | 1.5.7 |

Why Sherlock?

Sherlock is a short, catchy word that is rarely used in everyday language. It also consists of two syllables and is therefore a perfect wake word. Furthermore, Sherlock is based on the character Sherlock Holmes whose brother is Mycroft Holmes. There is an open source language wizard called Mycroft.


Our other repositories we created for this project: