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Table of contents
  1. Intent Handling
    1. External Command
    2. Remote HTTP Server
    3. Home Assistant
    4. Node Red

Intent Handling

After intent recognition Rhasspy can send a JSON to another System. Rhasspy is able to

  • call a custom program
  • send a POST request to a Rhasspy Remote HTTP Server
  • Home Assistant.
  • Node Red

External Command

This is for you if you want to handle the intent with an external program, for example an shell script or a python script ore something else. The intent JSON will be handed over to the program by using the Standard In. The output JSON should be put on the Standard Out. To use an external command for intent handling merge this in you profile.json:

"handle": {
  "system": "command",
  "command": {
      "program": "/path/to/program",
      "arguments": []

Here are some example scripts:,

Remote HTTP Server

This method is for you, when you want to use a http server for intent handling. You POST a JSON file and the server returns the answer JSON file. When you want to use it merge this into your profile.json:

"handle": {
  "system": "remote",
  "remote": {
      "url": "http://<address>:<port>/path/to/endpoint"

Home Assistant

This is maybe the best solution for this project. With Home Assistant you can handle the intents easy with yaml scripts. It’s easy to set up and there is also an app for your smartphone available, so you can control your home very easy with your smartphone. To install it merge this into your profile.json:

"handle": {
  "system": "hass"

"home_assistant": {
  "access_token": "",
  "api_password": "",
  "event_type_format": "rhasspy_{0}",
  "url": "http://hassio/homeassistant/"

Node Red

Ndoe Red is an graphical programming tool you can use to automate your Raspberry Pi. It’s based on Nodes you can connect with lines. On the left are the Input Nodes and on the right are the output nodes. You can do many things with it, Node-RED runs under the hood and there are also many plugins you can use to control your Raspberry Pi. There are nearly unlimited possibilities.