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      1. Add Cities to Rhasspy sentences.ini
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Weather Forecast

Comparison of Weather-APIs:

Provider Best for Free Requests per day
Open Weather Map Weather Forecast 1 h, 2 days, 7 days, Government Weather Alerts, Historical Weather 5 days 33,3333 (1,000,000/month)
Weatherbit Weather Forecast daily/16 days & Weather Alerts 500
AccuWeather Weather Conditions current & 24 h historical, Weather Forecast 12 h, 5 days 50
ClimaCell Realtime, Short Term & Hourly Forecasts 1,000
ClimaCell Air Quality & Pollen Layer 100
Visual Crossing Weather Forecast 15 days & 40+ year hourly Historical Data 100 (with credit card 1,000)
weatherstack Real-Time Weather 33 (1,000/month)
weatherapi Real-Time Weather, Daily and Hourly 3 day city/town weather, 7 days History 33,3333 (1,000,000/month)


  • Websites linked above

Add Cities to Rhasspy sentences.ini

List of cities need to be placed in slots/movies folder. The file doesn’t have a file extension.

Create the folder slots inside your profile:

mkdir $HOME/.config/rhasspy/profiles/de/slots

Here is a ready list of all cities in germany. Just execute the following command to put the list in the right place:

wget -P $HOME/.config/rhasspy/profiles/de/slots

Now you can use $cities_germany in your sentence templates like this:

How is the temperature in ($cities_germany) {location}

You also can create your own list with city names. Just try it!


  • https://www.datenbö



Turn Light On/Off