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Table of contents
  1. Node-RED
    1. Advantages
    2. Disadvantages
    3. Conclusion


Node-RED is used for the intent handling in our project. Node-RED is described as flow-base visual programming as a part of the Internet of Things.


  • Node Red is super powerful and flexible
  • Easy to install with an installation script
  • Can be secured with password so that the user only will have access on it
  • Has numerous nodes that offer applications in various fields
  • Has a large community behind it
  • Own nodes can be developed and used without having to publish them.
  • Flows can be easily shared to others by Node-REDs export function
  • Pre-installed packages to control Raspberry PI GPIO pins
  • Possibility to install a UI dashboard to trigger actions in the browser with switches and buttons.


  • The system sometimes crashes when different nodes are installed that get in each other’s way
  • Programming skills are required for effective use, e.g. JavaScript programming skills are often required to get the flow working as you want to


Node-RED is more advantageous to the developers in comparison to its disadvantages. As a flow based programming language, Node-RED allows a good visualisation and extendable with nodes from the community. The big community behind it helps users to get answers to their needs.

In our eyes, Node-RED is a very powerful tool that is easy and quick to use even for inexperienced users.