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Table of contents
  1. Checklist
  2. 1. Check if all services are running
    1. Problems
  3. 2. Check train function
  4. 3. Check snips
  5. 4. Check microphone and Hermes Led Control
  6. 5. Check Node-Red


After installation, you can test if your installation is successful.

1. Check if all services are running

First you can check if every service we installed is running. When you run the sudo systemctl status <servicename> you can check if everything works fine. Look at the point Active it should be active (running). You can look down at the status for an error.


sudo systemctl status mosquitto


sudo systemctl status rhasspy-asr-deepspeech-hermes


sudo systemctl status rhasspy-snips-nlu-hermes


sudo systemctl status zigbee2mqtt


sudo systemctl status nodered


sudo systemctl status rhasspy


  • If any of these services are not running restart them with:
    sudo systemctl restart <servicename>

    Check the status again, when it is running everything is ok.

  • There is also a common error. It could be, that some data is missing. you should see it in the log in the status. This error appears when the model for DeepSpeech and snips is missing.

2. Check train function

Open Rhasspy GUI <ip of your Raspberry Pi>:12101 and click train. there is a setup sentences.ini it should work. After near 60 seconds this message with a different time should appear: Training completed in 59.34 second(s) When you got an error please open with journalctl the log of deepspeech and snips and train again to search for an error. Maybe there is a syntax error in sentence.ini or a model is missing. Here are the commands for the logs:

sudo journalctl -fu rhasspy-asr-deepspeech-hermes
sudo journalctl -fu rhasspy-snips-nlu-hermes

3. Check snips

When the training was successful, you can try out an intent. Go on the Rhasspy GUI and type this: Rhasspy snips test
You should see, that the Intent GetTime is triggered. If not, open the log for snips and look for errors:

sudo journalctl -fu rhasspy-snips-nlu-hermes

4. Check microphone and Hermes Led Control

First set up a wake word, after that you can try it. The LEDs on the Raspberry Pi should now blink. Your wake word got recognized.

5. Check Node-Red

Check if you can access Node-Red <ip of your Raspberry Pi>:1880. When you can access it you can try your flows. This part is your part.