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What is Zigbee?

Zigbee is a very energy efficient network system to connect IoT devices like lights, switches, sensors and other devices for home automation these are named nodes. The Zigbee network is a WPAN(Wireless Personal Area Network), the range in buildings is 10-20 meters and on a free field 100m.

What are nodes exactly?

There are three different types of nodes. These types are Zigbee End Device, Zigbee Router and Zigbee Coordinator.

  • A Zigbee End Device is a Reduced-Function Device (RFD) that can only send data, but not receive or route it to other devices. It can only connect to a Zigbee Router or a Zigbee Coordinator, but not to other Zigbee End Devices.
  • A Zigbee Router is Full-Function Device (FFD), it’s responsible for the message routing in the network. A router receives, sends and route messages. It connects with Zigbee End Devices and Zigbee Coordinators and other Zigbee Routers, the result is a mesh network, so devices much farther away from the coordinator than 100m can be reached, cause of the mesh network.
  • A Zigbee Coordinator creates the Zigbee network, it’s responsible for the Zigbee channel and the unique IDs for all nodes.

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