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Table of contents
  1. Jekyll
    1. Create a new Jekyll site


  • Jekyll is the most popular framework to work with static websites
  • Powerful and extensible
  • Has a large community behind it. The community creates themes and templates that you can use for free to add more advanced features
  • Jekyll ist built on top of ruby language

Create a new Jekyll site

After installation, run these commands in a folder to create a new Jekyll static site

  • jekyll new SITENAME -> This will create a site with a bunch of files inside the folder named ‘SITENAME’
  • In this folder named SITENAME, run the following command, e.g. on Windows OS:

    • Run bundle lock -- add-platform ruby
    • Run bundle lock --add-platform x86_64-linux
    • To preview the site run bundle exec jekyll serve –> This will output a URL, where the website is hosted on
    • Run bundle exec jekyll built to build a website