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Table of contents
  1. Conbee2 Zigbee Adapter
    1. Advantages
    2. Disadvantages
    3. Conclusion

Conbee2 Zigbee Adapter

The Conbee2 Zigbee Adapter is a small usb stick, which makes it possible to communicate with other Zigbee devices. With this tool you can connect light bulbs and sensors that are compatible wth the Zigbee protocoll.


  • It’s in a casing like a usual USB stick
  • Better range than the CC2531
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to install
  • Works reliable



If you want a simple robust Zigbee Adapter for your rhasspy voice assistant, the Phoscon Conbee2 is the right choice. It also hava a clean look, it’s not just a circuit board like the CC2531. And it does not need to be flashed like the CC2531. You can use the Conbee2 just out of the box.