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Table of contents
  1. Hermes LED Control
  2. Installation

Hermes LED Control

HLC (Hermes LED Control) is a tool, that subscribes various topics, to react with visual effects on the ReSpeaker. For example if a Wake Word is detected HLC will trigger a LED effect to show the user that rhasspy listens for a command.


HLC is originally from project alice you can install it with a script from Psychokiller1888. We edited this script so we only use the version v2.0.10. The newer version does not work as expected. Our version you can find here.

Go to pi’s home directory

cd ~

Download script


Make the script executable

sudo chmod +x

Execute the script

sudo ./

Answer the questions like following:

  • What assistant engine are you using? Enter 2 for rhasspy
  • What’s the path to your assistant config file? Type in your path to your profile.json. The default path is this: /home/pi/.config/rhasspy/profiles/de/profile.json
  • What device do you wish to control with SLC? Enter 2 for respeaker4
  • What pattern do you want to use? Choose your preferred Led pattern. For example 1 for google
  • Do you need to install / configure your respeaker4? Enter 2 for no

Later you will configure Rhasspy to work with Hermes Led Control.

Read more about Hermes Led Control